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What are Chatbots? How is going to improve Indian Digital Marketing Industry?

By July 29, 2018No Comments

🤖 Chatbots Explained:

Read this if you’re still on the fence about chatbots…

✅ Why They’re Important:
Prior to the internet, marketing was all pushed on consumers.
However… the best marketing attracts the consumer to the business.
Unlike traditional forms of marketing, chatbots allow for that personalized relationship to be built with the consumer at the consumer’s pace.

Instead of businesses pushing their products on prospective clients, they can actually attract clients that see value in what the business can provide.

✅ What they are:

Chatbots are the “amazingly smart, geeky child of e-mail and text marketing.”

If you could combine the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of e-mail marketing with the engagement and awareness/open rates of text marketing.. then you can start to understand what a chatbot can do.

Let us tell you what it WILL NOT DO:
❌ Go out and spam people with messages for you
❌ Like or comment automatically on other people’s pages (that’s spam)
❌ Go to different platforms like LInkedIn or Instagram and engage with people there
❌ Cost You a Single Dollar to get started!

But, Let us tell you what it can do

🤖 Automatically follow-up/send messages, videos, audios, links, content, etc.
🤖 Collect relevant info like PHONE NUMBER, E-MAIL, or other qualifying questions
🤖 Segment people based on their interests, demographics, or just about any other way your business deems necessary
🤖 Schedule appointments, process payments, prompt phone calls, & so much more
🤖 Do all of this for FREE!

How to get started:
There are a two choices you have

👍 Code Your Own Bot: This is complicated af, it allows a lot more flexibility & customization (but not always necessary)

👍 Build on a platform-The platform that we recommend and build our bots is Chatfuel. It is one of the most reliable and powerful chatbot platforms out there.


👍 Pay someone like us to build it for you..

Just imagine if your business could text your customers and potential clients just like you guys were friends. The relationship and connection between the two would be that much closer, and the sales will come that much quicker.

In fact, every business(the smart ones at least)will recognize the value in being able to communicate with their audience in this way.

It’s not going to be a fad. In fact, every business (the smart ones at least) will recognize the value in being able to communicate with their audience in this way.

And it hasn’t even integrated with AR or VR yet, so we’re just getting started 🤪🤑

Visit our Chatbot for Facebook at https://m.me/HonestWebDesigns

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