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Pay Per Click Management

Turn Visitors into Customers & Fans

Conversion is about drawing people to your business who are most likely to buy your products and services. Search Engine Optimization, as well as email and social media marketing, uses data analysis to target those people and funnel them to your offers.

Tailored Outreach

Broadcast messaging is so general that it can’t reach nearly as many true potential customers as a digital strategy can. Don’t target 100 people so 10 will respond and become customers. Reach 10 groups of 10 different people who’ll all respond. That means 100 customers.

PPC Marketing & Advertising

Google Display Network advertising
Your brand, products and services can be seen on over two million websites and 650,000 apps using AdWords display ads.

Banners, Retargeting, Mobile & Video Ads

Leverage Google’s Search & Display Network Platform

Multiple ad formats:
text, image, interactive & video

Device Customization
desktop, laptop, tablet & smartphones

Target ads to specific demographics & geographic locations

Manage, track, and optimize your campaigns


This technique lets you show ads to people who previously visited your website or mobile app and can draw them back to your site by reminding them of products they viewed or items they left in their cart to think about.

Digital Advertising Campaigns

Ecommerce PPC Management

Understanding how to effectively present your products & services which benefits your target consumers makes all the difference between hitting revenue growth goals and falling painfully short.


We ensure that your ads are shown in accurate geographical location and in a timely manner. This helps you target your audience precisely. This also keeps you to get clicks from relevant audience only.


Our creative advertisements grab the interest and catch the attention of relevant traffic which makes your PPC campaign highly cost effective.


To grasp potential customers who already have visited your website, remarketing is crucial. Our smarter way of remarketing certainly increases leads and boost your sales.


Our entire PPC campaign begins with keywords and revolves around it. A comprehensive keyword research done by our AdWords team which picks up accurate and relevant keywords, such that, your advertisement is shown to and targeted at the right people.


Being the most significant part of any campaign, landing page is to be designed in trivial manner. Landing page is where your potential customers are directed after clicking the ad. Landing page optimization helps you to convert visitors into your customers by adding appealing taglines as well as clear call to action button.


Analyzing the PPC campaign holds a great significance in advertising. We use tracking tools provided by google AdWords to analyze your ad data thoroughly and explain ads performance to our clients. This transparency assuredly helps you to make another landmark in your industry.

Our approach to account management



Our strategy to optimize PPC campaigns consists of -
1)Tweaking bids
2)Analysing keywords
3)Testing new adverts
4)Monitoring Quality Scores
5)Reviewing conversion data


We conduct detailed analysis of your campaign’s performance at the end of every week and present you easy-to-understand reports. We believe in complete transparency and let our customers know how our work is benefitting them to achieve targets.


Each month we audit your campaign’s account to analyse how it’s progressing. This helps us identify what’s working and what isn’t outlining a roadmap for the coming month.

Our approach to campaign building


We believe in knowing what makes you stand out and bring that into focus. We understand your customers and study why they come to you. By knowing their requirements in depth, we can identify unique messaging that’ll strike a chord with your audience. We brainstorm slick creative ideas until you hit your ‘Eureka moment’.


While targeting, to identify where to showcase your ads is of utmost importance. We identify customers in appropriate areas, devices they are using, keywords they are searching for etc. to reach out right person at the right time by using advanced research & targeting methods.


Our structuring methodology consists of considering keyword match type, quality score, traffic flow as well as your campaign objective. This results in logical structuring which is easy to navigate and analyse the performance.

Transparency & reporting