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How Indian Women Can Easily Startup in 2018

By January 24, 2018No Comments

Gone are the days when people had a mentality – ‘Women exist because of the family and for the family’. Especially in India a woman had only four fold status role – daughter, wife, housewife and mother. A woman today is ready to come out of the four walls of home to secure eminent positions and offices in administration, corporate field and public life in free India.

Woman in modern times is becoming an active participant in political, social, economic activities. Also many women are seeing self-employment as an attractive career. Everyone knows starting a business is a hard work but it is even harder for a woman. All these large scale offline businesses such as establishing catering services, opening a boutique or a bakery shop  need huge capital, systemic planning, and regular monitoring.

Setting up an online store instead of offline business firm is appreciated nowadays because of numerous benefits and ease of management.
Especially women find it extremely easy to work online as it allows her to manage the business even by sitting at home or while doing mandatory household tasks.

We are one of such firms that endorse women who are looking for an opportunity to step up into digitally empowered world as an entrepreneur. We help women to showcase their own diverse ideas and use those to earn benefit themselves. There are many reasons why it is convenient for a woman to choose online business over offline firm. Unlike offline store, your online e-commerce store doesn’t need you to commute every day, spare all your time attending customers, and invest huge amount in infrastructure and other facilities. Moreover you don’t need any other workforce to manage your business. In short this is the simplest way to start earning good money.

Many women dream of having their online store. We are helping them to make it happen. We are offering you a comprehensive online store consisting of 1 lakh products where you can choose from over 18 categories & 2.2 crore products. On each sale you will earn 4-10% profit. Only thing you have to do is get this store and promote it among your family and friends using your phone! All other tasks right from uploading new products, replacing old ones and adding additional features into it will be done by our team.

Our Online Store is most beneficial for housewives who are not able to start any business because of family responsibilities, lack of time to spend on other than household tasks, not allowed to work in vulnerable culture. Here’s the best opportunity for you. This may reshape your life completely. We are here to help you follow your dreams and support you to emerge as successful entrepreneur.

Just sitting at home won’t make you rich, but having your online store & promoting products by sitting at home will definitely help you earn.

All you have to do is use Whatsapp, Facebook to advertise your online store. You can use combination of social media and word of mouth to attract people. Through these platforms you can tell them about your online store. This will increase engaged followers who are more likely to buy from you and recommend your online store to others.

[sociallocker id=”6622″] This is so easy to promote! How many contacts do you have in your whatsapp? How many friends do you have on your facebook? How many followers follow you on Instagram? The numbers are very good right? So you need to share your online store with your Whatsapp groups, Facebook feed and through your Instagram page. Your friend looking to buy a new phone? Send him the link for the phone through your store. Its easy to earn 2000-3000 everyday.

There are similar companies like Freekaamaal who are running a similar online store and they get 1.8 Lakh Visitors everyday. They have 3000+ Sales everyday. They have also launched an app for the same. You can see the potential of your own online store. There are more such companies you read about them too.[/sociallocker]

Wondering why they will shop from your online? You can offer them additional cashbacks, fun goodies and other creative offers! Be creative woman!

Honest Web Designs believes that every women, working or housewife, has capacity to achieve what she aims for. If you step forward to start you own online store, you can actually follow your dream of becoming an entrepreneur and turn it into reality.

Also you can have a chance of getting this online store for FREE as we are giving 100% REFUND GUARANTEE in case of no sale within the first week. In addition to this you are allowed to keep the online store with you. What an offer! You can’t get better a chance than this. So get ready to capture e-commerce market with your online store.

You can learn more by clicking this link: Online Store

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