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How we are helping YOU Start Online Amazon Store in 2018

By January 1, 2018No Comments

Today’s world is at the edge of a brand new era that brings technology as something essential and important. It is widely recognized for its ongoing efforts to become a smart place with the help of digital technology. To attune to this trend is indispensable! Everything is changing, the way we communicate, the way we are perceived and even the way we shop. The craze for online shopping is ever increasing and has spread across the India like wildfire. E-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, and Myntra are finding new and exciting ways to find feet in this field. Startup junkies are looking it as an opportunity to commence their own business as this field is unfolding different aspects.

Amidst this we are encouraging & helping people who abandon their dreams just because of not having sufficient funds to become an entrepreneur. Isn’t it fascinating? We are one of the startups in India which offers you of-the-shelf online store consisting of diversified and exclusive products.

How do we achieve that?

Many dream of having own online store and in India we are making it happen by lending a hand to business enthusiast & startup junkies to sell Amazon products through their own online store and make money. Each product will make you earn 4-10% profit. It is about bringing the whole business at your finger-tips.  We are doing everything right from uploading the products till making sure the store is secured and 24*7 online. You can choose from over 18 Categories and 2.2 crore products.

All you need to do is get this off-the-shelf store and start promoting it.

How do I promote My Online Store?

This is so easy to promote! How many contacts do you have in your whatsapp? How many friends do you have on your facebook? How many followers follow you on Instagram? The numbers are very good right? So you need to share your online store with your Whatsapp groups, Facebook feed and through your Instagram page. Your friend looking to buy a new phone? Send him the link for the phone through your store. Its easy to earn 2000-3000 everyday.

There are similar companies like Freekaamaal who are running a similar online store and they get 1.8 Lakh Visitors everyday. They have 3000+ Sales everyday. They have also launched an app for the same. You can see the potential of your own online store. There are more such companies you read about them too.

So how much does this cost?

You must be thinking this costs a fortune to start? Well, here is where we want to give you a special surprise. As much as we are promoting Digital India Programme and bring businesses and everyone online, we have kept the initial pricing for this online store very very low! We are also currently have 60% across all our plans. You can start with your Online Amazon Store at just INR 5999/- , this is the best business opportunity you can ever get your hands on.


P.S. We are offering this online store only to limited number of owners. So grab yours soon before we close the doors!

You can see the Pricing Details Here.

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